I grew up in a small Central Wisconsin town. I joined the Military to give back to my country, and served in various locations around the world. After I finished my military service, I went to work for several large enterprises: e.g.  PanAm, Coca-Cola, UPS, Fed-Ex, etc., where the corporate ways of Excellence, Customer Service, Standards, Professionalism, Efficiency, Correct Methods, Processes and Procedures, Team Work, etc. were mandatory. Spending time traveling to Canada, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Middle East, & the Orient, my perspective of the world was enhanced, along with my understanding of different cultures and races of people.

I built upon my massive electronics training in military, and underwent a lot of schooling & training in computer networks. I gained lots of certifications, and experience managing computer networks for small businesses, in addition to supporting a school district with many locations with thousands of users and computers.

Dealing with small businesses in everyday life: Doctors, Dentists, Restaurants, Retail stores, the Bank, etc., I saw that these businesses had the same IT needs as larger businesses. They had business goals that technology could help with, but Business owners didn’t have the technology expertise to implement it correctly, and at times completely misunderstood IT.

I knew I could help by crafting solutions around IT Services for the Small Business needs. What I saw was: Nagging issues, crashing, downtime, viruses, lost productivity, lost sales, stress, worries, headaches, and frustrations. There were networks not set up right, computers not running right, no security which caused viruses and malware. Backups weren’t setup and owners were losing Data & their AR. Something had to be done! That’s why I created an IT company focused on serving Small Businesses.

I’ve dedicated myself to constant: Training; Honing of Skills; spent lots of time in Market Research, Analysis, & Surveys. I participate heavily in Trade Associations, Business Coaching, and Peer Groups. I’ve vetted and partnered with industry leading, ‘Best of Breed’ technology venders, along with researching and investing in the best ‘Tools of the Trade’. I’ve assembled a team of experts, and through our Knowledge & Experience, we have designed IT solutions that address the various IT needs of businesses. Through our unique process and company way we can bring about enhanced Productivity and increased Profitability as an end result for your business.

David Grinder
Founder & Solution Architect